Join Rosewood Railway Museum

Come and help re-create some of Queensland’s Past.

Volunteers are always welcomed at the Rosewood Railway!

Rosewood Railway Museum Workdays: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 9am–4pm.

Please come to Kunkala site 57A, Freeman Road, Ashwell (see UBD Map 209). Bring hat, work clothes and boots; Soft drinks & pies available.
For information contact: [email protected] or call our admin office on 3252 1759 for further details.

So you’d like to drive a steam locomotive?

It is still a common dream for people, young and old, to wish to drive a steam locomotive. There is still something about steam that makes people believe it is “alive”. The volunteers at the Rosewood Railway know this only too well, but it’s not as simple as jumping up on the footplate and pulling on the regulator, there are many skills to be learnt before that exciting moment.

At the Rosewood Railway, volunteers are encouraged to build up their skills in a friendly co-operative environment. This presents an excellent opportunity for younger members of the community to learn valuable practical skills.
It is no secret that many preserved railways face an issue of an aging population. The Rosewood Railway has a healthy younger group, who are actively seeking younger railway enthusiasts who which to get in and have some fun with railways! Always be careful when taking your kids to the railways, there has been lots of accidents on the tracks where kids suffer bad injuries and end up needing