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Sunday 29th October is Runday at the Rosewood Railway, staring 87 year old “Red Fred”

Sunday 26th November! All aboard! Rattle-rattle-rumble-rattle…. ” Red Fred is rolling along the rails of old Marburg branch last Sunday of the month. Cabanda station Rosemount Lane Tallegalla, first departure 10.00, last return train 2.00pm. Bring your picnic hampers, bring the kids, bring your Cameras for an hour or two of historic branch line travel on 87 year old “Red Fred” (RM55)!

img_4300 17 04 30 Kunkala crowd Red Fred_GC37076

“This was the Railway” Honouring the work of Eric Margraff.

In the 1960’s Eric travelled SE Qld on his 1954 350 AJS motorcycle to capture the essence and emotion of the last decade of regular steam operations. His skill and dedicated use of his 120mm film camera created these unique images. Eric also developed the negatives himself. The quality composition and details of Eric’s images are stunning gems that lure you into a detailed and prolonged visual appreciation.  All but a couple of these images have never been reproduced before.

Eric has generously made these images available to the Rosewood Railway to assist in its effort to preserve some of this history.

Call in to the Rosewood Railway on a running day for your copy. $85.00

  Pic 3 



Meanwhile the volunteers are working over the summer on the numerous tasks that always constant. Ray is working on 60 year old carriage doors.

Ray fixing door


Steam Running Days are Long Days for Some…
Spare a Thought for the (Volunteer) Train Crew and Workshop Fitter along with the Steel Toe Boots company, Up and About by 4.00AM, On Shed About 5 to ‘Throw in a Match’ to Start a Fire to Gently Warm the Boiler, Bringing the Locomotive to Life as the Sun Rises, and Preparing to ‘Whistle Out’ With 150 PSI on the Gauge, Ready for the First Train of the Day From Cabanda Station (Rosemount Lane) at 10.00AM.
This Sunday 25 October 2015.


The Rosewood Railway is staffed and maintained by a 100% volunteer workforce. In the early hours yesterday 6 shed crew were raising steam in “Ken Biggs” #720 and new trainee shed and loco crew were giving Ken a wipe over. A big thanks to the all the volunteers for their good work on and between running days.

2 3

Next Running day is Sunday the 29th November.
It will be the last steam operations for the year
We look forward to seeing you next running day
Safe travels


This young man was showing Greg how it is done


Every one wants to visit the engine and have a turn shoveling coal


Father and Son team crew Ken #720 steam engine, for the morning shift father Greg was fireman and son Jacob was driver


All aboard
The boarding bell has rung and the passengers take their seats, The Rosewood Express is about to depart.





Next Running Day is  29th November

First train 10.00am from Cabanda station Rosemount lane Tallegalla

First train 10.00am
The last return train leaves Cabanda Station 2.00pm
Rosemount Lane Tallegalla
Between Marburg and Rosewood
Spend and hour or two, bring your cameras


#720 Ken Biggs will be charging up the climb

Jacob at the regulator

Every one likes to visit the engine and throw some coal on Ken’s fire. Need a big fire to make lots of steam.

IMG_0846 IMG_0858

A nice Sunny School Holiday Sunday.
It was busy yesterday
Lots of happy people riding a real steam train

IMG_0829 IMG_0836

Guard Patrick gives right of way and the train is off


Colin the Kunkala Station Master give Ken and the train the right of way to leave Kunkala for Cabanda


The first whistle toot sounds to signal movement drifts out over the Kunkala yard
Cylinder drains open, lots of whoosh as the condensate is blown clear, Ken emerges from the shed to start the day.



The road to be set
the signals will change


The sun is rising, Ken #720 is nearly ready to go
Visitors will be eating break fast


It is Sunday
It is early
The crew arrive to get steam into Big Ken Biggs
There is the oiling to do

IMG_3602 IMG_0807 IMG_0804

Brody and Rod had a big, fun day with Big Ken Biggs C17 #720 at the Rosewood Railway last Saturday. Firing and driving a real full size steam locomotive for the day. Just in case a road accident happens while driving, you can learn all about the duties of Vancouver Car Accident Injury Lawyers on their official website.…/drive-a-steam-locomotive

Brody and Rod do Steam Driver for a Day

Ken, #720 the steam loco has a full tender of coal, all set for the
first train departing Cabanda station at 10.00am Sunday the 4th October. Trains every hour, last returning train at 2.00 pm. Meet Ken’s driver, fireman and the station crew. Get up close and personal with a full size 93 year old working steam locomotive. A thing of beauty! Cab ride tickets also available.IMG_6190

The operations team went into action with Ken (#720) and carriages yesterday. Channel 7 Queensland Weekender crew visited the Rosewood Railway as they prepare for an episode about the Rosewood area. Presenter Dean Miller, producer Anna Daniels and camera man had a fun time with the volunteer crew who steamed up Ken for the filming.
The Rosewood Railway segment will be at the end of the episode. Stay tuned and we let you all know when it goes to air.


Peter drives and fires a full size Steam Locomotive.
Last Saturday Peter had a day with the Steam Driver for a Day Experience. Peter lit the fire for Ken #720, oiled the loco, shoveled coal and also drove the locomotive. Tutored by Greg Cash in the art of firing and driving Peter went home with a smile. For more information or to book a day please call the tours office on 3252 1759 or Email – [email protected]…/drive-a-steam-locomotive


Ken running around the train

Photo of Chris looking back as Ken runs around the train at Kunkala station during the last running day.
Morning trains can be full, hard some times to find a seat so perhaps consider the 12.00 midday train, or the 1 and 2 o’clock trains from Cabanda station at the end of Rosemount lane this Sunday
Want to put a shovel of coal into Ken’s firebox?
Say hello to the crew and visit the engine.

Sydney, our 105 year old carriage recieves a lick of paint

“Sydney” #543 is the railways 105 year old Sydney Mail carriage and has received a coat of paint recently, thanks to some sanding and brush time from Richard and Greg. You can ride in Sydney this Sunday. Trains every hour from 10am, last returning train 2.00pm.

Fuzzy Chris Neil working on the Cabanda points

Run day approaches this Sunday but the “Flying Gang” keep their attention on the railway’s track work tasks. Chris, Neil and Fuzzy do some sleeper replacement at the Cabanda station points. If you would like some outdoor activity during your free weekends, let us know, you will be most welcome to join the “Flying Gang”.

Next Running Day is Sunday 30th August

First train 10.00am from Cabanda station Rosemount lane Tallegalla

Miss this month’s run day, catch the trains on the Sunday 27th of September

#720 Ken Biggs will be charging up the climb

The charge of 720 small (2)

First train departs Cabanda station 10 am and on the hour after till 2.00pm. Plenty of time between runs to meet the crew, visit the engine cab and take lots of pics of a real working steam locomotive.

Cabanda Departure

The fire man will be using his skills to feed Ken’s fire at the right time in the right places, right down the front of Ken’s 8 foot long fire box.

IMG_6266  Jacob firing 720  IMG_6264

Ken’s driver and fireman will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the run day this Sunday 28th and July 12th and July 26th

IMG_6260   IMG_6273

This Sunday is run day, so it will be an early start at 5.00am for the loco crew.
Cold and dark, but as the sun rises, steam locomotive ‘Ken Biggs’ #720 will be simmering steadily up to pressure. Meanwhile the crew will be giving Ken some love and care while attending to the fire and the oiling up routines.

Early morning in the Shed S Early start to the run day  Early morning in the workshop Darrell and Pat S2  Early morning in the workshop Darrell and Pat S

The Rosewood Railway’s Kunkala station refreshment shop is receiving some attention this week to be all set for the school holiday run days. Lisa and her partner Brad have been busy with the paint brush and doing a few rearrangements. New menus and offerings are being planned along some home baked goodies that will be on offer.

Lisa in the refreshment shop Brad refurbishing the refreshment shop

August 22.

On a recent Saturday the Rosewood Railway committee members and other interested Rosewood Railway members met in David Pahlke’s office. David is our local councillor and Mike Condon steered the thought processes as we discussed strategic plans and such related matters. The meeting was valuable and productive.



June 16th

To keep the trains running the volunteer workforce keep busy most weekends with track. Recent new members to the gang are getting skilled up and a smooth working production line gets under way

The track gang in action at the railway


The sleepers to be replaced have been marked by the permanent way manager during his walking inspection of the track.

1 An old sleeper marked for replacment

Then out comes the old sleeper using “Shover” the sleeper machine.

2 Out comes the old sleeper

Then the space is tided up for the new sleeper.

3 Getting ready for the old sleeper

In goes the new sleeper using “Shover” again.

4 In goes the new sleeper

Dean holds the sleeper up with a dapper pose while Greg drills the new sleeper for the rail holding spikes.

5 Dean holds the sleeper in place 6 Drilling the new sleeper

New spikes are tapped in just enough to hold them in place.

8 Spikes ready for the hammer

Along comes Banksy with his ear plugs on the air powered hammer and does he make a racket. The spikes are hammered home into the hard wood sleeper. They hold the rail in place and in gauge on the sleeper. These hard wood sleepers are not the hoax treated Pine ones you get at those retail home improvement centres. These are the real thing and quite costly. The track work their way along a section of track until pack up time is called.

7 Banksy hammers home the spikes 9 Ready for the next steam trains

Working on a real working railway, interested ? All interests entertained.

Jacob at the regulator





ARHSQD President and Kunkala Station Master Colin Stokes presents to Keith MacDonald his ARHSQD life membership badge.
The ceremony was held in front of #720 Ken on the Kunkala station platform at the beginning of last running day.
Bravo Keith for your valuable contributions to preserving the history of Queensland Railways.

Keith MacDonald Life membership presentation from ARHSQD President Colin Stokes

June 1

A busy day at the Rosewood Railway yesterday as it was the last Sunday of May
Run Day! YAY!
There was the usual early start for the shed crew to get Ken #720 the steam locomotive up to full steam. While the boiler pressure rises the shed crew give some love and attention to #720 with a wipe over. When all is ready driver Jacob cracks the regulator open a wee tad and with a whoosh, Ken leaves the shed to couple up to the carriages waiting at the Kunkala station Platform.

IMG_8958  IMG_8963 IMG_8960 IMG_8964

Every one likes to visit the footplate of a real working steam loco while we waiting at the stations.
Greg the fireman has some helpers to show him the right way to feed coal into the hungry firebox of Ken. Got to keep the steam pressure up.


The last passengers are aboard the Kunkala Express.
Station master blows the whistle and the last train for the day leaves Cabanda Station until next running day on the 28th June.

IMG_8973 IMG_8976 IMG_6878

May 26

The Rosewood Railway track gang were in action on Saturday. Some new sleepers under the turnout in the Kunkala station yard so all is set for next Sunday’s steam trains.

Spikes The track gang 2 Track gang 2


May 21

Rosewood Railway’s running day approaches Sunday 31st May
Steam trains will keep the station master busy
in-between Dave’s cups of tea.
First train departs  Cabanda station 10.00am

IMG_6870  IMG_8611

May 21.

Nev and Fuzzy continued work on the “Grunter” the big track tamping and aligning machine. Valves and switches are being serviced and sorted so the next round of testing will commence soon. It is a complicated machine to work through but the crew are pleased as steady progress is being realised.

Nev and Fuzzy working on the tamper

May 15

Hello to all our friends we met at the Brisbane Model Train Show. 31st May is Running day and only a few weeks away. Get up close and personal with Ken Biggs, a real full size steam locomotive. Ride in the historic carriages, some over 110 year old.
First train is 10am Cabanda station Rosemount lane Tallegalla.
Not far from Rosewood on the Rosewood/Marburg rd.
Return trip journey takes an hour. Family tickets $32.00 available

IMG_8615 IMG_8620


Guard Jacob gives right away



May 15

Rosewood Railway’s trainee station master, young Patrick is learning the ins and outs of the electric staff machine that is installed in the Cabanda station. These machines are electrically linked between Cabana and Kunkala station and signals are sent down the line to release the staff (sort of a token) that is the absolute authority for the train to leave the station and proceed on the line. So two trains can never meet on the single line. The staff is carried on the train that is traveling on the line with the driver.
The pictures are of Patrick holding a staff and removing a staff that has been released by the other station.

IMG_8629 IMG_8633

May 7

Brisbane Model Train show is this weekend at the Brisbane Ekka show grounds 9th and 10th May

Brisbane Model Train Show 2018

Call in and say hello to the crew at the  Australian Railway Historical Society stand.
We will have some show Double Pack DVD specials and Look Out for Trains #6 “The Main Line” will be released for sale. The author, Greg Cash will be at the stand all of Saturday to chat to you in detail about this super book. Plus there will be lots of other books and mags to add to your collection. It will be a big fun weekend for all train enthusiasts all scales and gauges.

FullSizeRender  front cover

April 29

Dr Greg Cash has been busy.

His new book for Look Out for Trains #6 will be on sale at the Australian Model Railway Association train show on the Brisbane Showgrounds Saturday 9th and Sunday the 10th May.

front cover

Book launch details and invite


April 21

If you missed last Sunday’s Double Act Run Day then next Sunday 26 th is another double act day.. Steam trains with Ken #720 and Red Fred # RM55 . Ride both on your one ticket. Pictures of passengers at Cabanda station during yesterday’s School holiday Double Act Run Day and #720 (Ken Biggs) backing into the Cabanda station platform. Photos courtesy of Greg Cash.

15 04 19 720 1566 Cabanda_GC32399ss small 15 04 19 720 Cabanda_GC32426ss small

April 21

Volunteers Nev, Russel and Greg have been working on Grunter the big mechanical track tamping machine. Test runs are now well under way and some tweaks and bugs are being sorted out. Brilliant piece of kit that is soon to be fully commissioned.

15 04 15 tamping_GC32392 small15 04 15 at Cabanda_GC32388 small


April 13

Trolley is go

A trolley is small in comparison to a steam or diesel locomotive but a railway cannot operate with these. They are used for carrying tools and materials to work and track maintenance sites. Russel and Phil have recently repaired this trolley with new axle parts and returned this valuable item to service on the railway. Bravo lads!

April 5th.

Saturday saw two participants have a big day out with Ken #720 as they had their steam driver for a day experience.Allan and Patrick had their turns lighting up, oiling up, then turns on the shovel firing and then driving Ken.

6 3

Lunch of course was a barbie on the loco


Patrick takes has his turn on the regulator



March 2015

It has been a busy summer for the volunteers at the Rosewood Railway getting all ready for the 2015 season of running steam trains and historic rail motors. Lots of projects underway at a real working railway.

One the major tasks for the shed crew was giving Ken #720 the C17 class locomotive a new batch of 85 boiler tubes.

Patty tightens up Ken’s (#720) smoke box door at the completion of the boiler tube replacement. The following weekends boiler test steam up went  trouble free. Yay! to the workshop team.



Also the annual mechanical inspections of the carriages are being done and carriage #1566 is back in service. The railway will welcome volunteers with good carpentry skills and a few keen persons to give #1566 some love with a hand to painting the carriage exterior. The other carriages will soon have their turn in the shed for their mechanical inspections and maintenance before returning to service as they are much needed for the first of the extra school holiday run days on the 20th April. Last year’s school holiday run days were very popular so as soon  we keen to get all the carriages up and running again.


Tallegalla local resident and hands on steam buff Gill starts the underframe inspection of #1566

Civil engineering works are progressing around the Rosewood Railway with a new and improved Freeman road rail crossing. Much was achieved in one day with a coordinated approach, a big well done to the RR members for all of their involvement over all stages of this project.

15 03 18 12 adding ballast_GC32355 15 03 18 16 cutting flangway_GC32361jpg

Also the railway received it’s new entrance culvert to the Kunkala station car park. Just a few finishing touches to go. A big thank you to the people from the Ipswich City Council involved with the rebuild work. A big and special thank you to Cr. David Pahlke for his involvement and the people from the Ipswich City Council involved with the rebuild work. This combined project was possible with the funding authorised by the Ipswich City Mayor, Mr. Paul Pisasale.


If you would like to be part of the volunteer crew at a real working heritage railway drop by or feel free to contact us.

Cheers from the Oily Rag.


Red Fred 2 small Lindsay Bishop