About Us

The Australian Railway Historical Society was formed in Sydney in 1933 as the Australasian Railway and Locomotive Historical Society. As national interest grew, other divisions formed; Victoria in 1945, South Australia in 1952, Queensland in 1957, Western Australia in 1959, Tasmania in 1965 and lastly the ACT (Canberra) division in 1967. By August 1952 the name had changed to become the now familiar Australian Railway Historical Society (ARHS).

The different State divisions have developed separate interests and activities, with four operating museums, three operating railways, and with seven State-based magazines currently in production. The countless magazine issues, books, special trains and meetings stand as testament to Australia’s greatest railway preservation group.

The Australian Railway Historical Society – Queensland Division was formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1968 as a non-profit company with liability limited by guarantee. It has one regional Committee in Townsville.

Members of the Society could be described as “mechanical greenies” and heritage “doers”; women and men of all ages who come from all walks of life who share a common interest in railways and who enjoy one or more of the myriad of activities available to members of the Society.

The sight and sound of a working steam locomotive is what attracts people to the Society’s Steam Train tours. Reasonably priced, they form a great day out for everyone who even has the slightest interest in trains. Maybe you would even like to drive a steam locomotive !

Maybe you would like to dine on a steam train while touring the tracks of Brisbane. Why not investigate the Society’s Iron Road Restaurant Tours. These tours are run using the sole remaining timber bodied Dining Car in which meals are served while passengers experience the ambience of a by-gone era as the train travels around the suburban area.

Perhaps you would like to get down and actually work on the Railway. The Society is working at restoring and operating a section of the former Marburg branch line, now known as the Rosewood Railway Museum. This operational railway museum is open to the public on its monthly running days . Special charters can be arranged on any day, using the Society’s Steam Locomotive PB15-738 ,  the historic rail-motor, Red Fred RM-55 , or DEL-1604 .

Every month, a members newsletter and the Society’s magazine, the Sunshine Express is published. This contains a calendar of future events. In addition, a number of books have been published by the Society. These and many other books, magazines, audio-tapes , videos , and souvenirs are for sale .

You can contact the Society by E-mail ,  Australia Post ,  FAX , or Phone . See the “Contact Us” page

The Ken Rogers Memorial Library is maintained by the Society for Railway related books, magazines, and so forth.

The Australian Railway Historical Society – Queensland Division is incorporated as a non-profit company (ACN 009 767 579) with liability limited by guarantee. (done to protect its members should anything go wrong.)

The objects of the Society are to promote the appreciation of railway heritage and to maintain authenticity in the recording and preservation of this heritage for the people of Queensland. To help achieve these aims the Society operates under the following trading names:

Iron Road Restaurant
Sunshine Express Rail Tours

Rosewood Railway Museum

The Society has Memorandum & Articles of Association, By Laws & Issues, a Prospectus (in .PDF form),  objectives,  a formal structure,  activities, a members monthly newsletter and the Society’s magazine, the Sunshine Express which contains a calendar of future events. And of course, there is an application for membership , and a table of our membership fees .